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Lot of calls being received regarding the details to be attached with the token money to be paid to the builder. To save time, I am sending the important details that should go with the cheque for your information. so that everyone gets clarity on what minimum data should be provided.
 Please ensure to provide following details without fail
1.      Name
2.        Address
3.       Phone Number
4.       Email ID
5.       Amount paid as token Money
6.       Cheque Number
7.       Cheque Date
8.       Bank Details : Name of the bank, branch name
9.       Floor specified Yes/No. If yes the number of the floor specified
10.    Other information if any provided at the time of handing over the token money
11.     ATS membership fees cheque number and details.

On Mon, Dec 13, 2010 at 8:48 PM, Avvai Tamil Sangam Noida <avvaitamilsangam@gmail.com> wrote:
Do your duty, that is best; leave unto the Lord the rest.
Thanks very much for the interest in the housing scheme by Avvai Tamil Sangam. The  details of the property finalised by AVVAI TAMIL SANGAM & CHARITABLE SOCIETY is as below


Builder:- Civitech Housing India Pvt Ltd ( www.civitech.in)

Project:- Sampriti Luxury apartments

Location:-  Sec 77 Noida

Floor Sizes

2 BD - 1125 Sqft

3 BD Type III - 1340 Sq ft

3 BD Type II - 1565 Sqft

3 BD Type :- 1865 Sqft

4 BD Type II - 2195 Sqft

4 BD Type I - 2350 Sqft.

The details about this project and layout and flat plans can be downloaded from our website.
The consolidated list of features can be seen at

Considering the requirements on various different category model of housing, it appears that all getting in to one tower is not going to be a reality as the towers are having some combinations of specs only. Hence we have expanded the concept to living in a complex and as much as in a tower.At the end of the day we achieve what we want to .


Coming to prices:-

      1.       The negotiated price :-  Rs 2915/ Sq ft FOR THE MEMBERS OF AVVAI TAMIL SANGAM & CHARITABLE SOCIETY  ( Rupees Two Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifteen only).  [ THE CURRENT OFFER PRICE IS RS.3200/- + OTHER CHARGES+PLC)

2.       FLOOR PLC :- NIL

3.       Road Facing PLC – NIL

4.       Park facing PLC:- As Applicable. Rs.75/Sq ft and you are free to negotiate this with vendor directly.


And this includes


1. Flat of your configuration

2.External electrification charges

3. Fire fighting charges

4. PowerBackup charges ( 1 KVA) - For every addl KVA the builders price is Rs.15,000 and you are free to negotiate this.

5. External Electrification Charges.

6. Lease rent

7. Closed car parking for 1565 Sqft and above. Open car parking for rest.

8. Club Membership

9.  Ward robe at all Bed rooms (As per builder's specification)

10. Wooden Cabinet and Modular accessories (  Both Top and Bottom)

11. RO Unit

12. Chimney

12. Double sink Stainless steel basin in Kitchen

13. Lights & fans in all rooms

14. Safety Grill door at the Entrance.

15. Glass and Mesh windows in all rooms.

16. Plastic paint in all rooms

17.  European Wall Mounted Toilets ( please give your option for  European Floor Mounted/Indian)

18. Double High speed lift  1.9m X 2.55 m ( comfortable to carry a stretcher in case of emergency & Double staricase

19. Intercom for the society

20. Rest as per specs.

What it doesn't include

1. Electrical Connection charges for individual flats from UPSEB

2. IFMS at Rs.30/sqft which will go to the corpus of the maintenance fund for maintaining society. ( Interest Free Maintenance Security is paid during possession and is a returnable caution deposit)

3. Service tax @ 2.575% of the base price and 10.33% for components that cannot be added in base price, Car parking and Lease rent doesn't attract any service tax .

Payment Terms  

FLEXI MODE ( modified to suit as semi-construction linked mode)

Token Money : Before 20th December 2010 – Rs.50,000-00 ( Rupees Fifty Thousand Only)

                                From 21st December to 20th January – Rs.1,00,000-00 ( Rupees One lakh)

Upon Booking( 15days)                                                                 10%

within 45 days of Booking                                                            10%

Within 60 days of booking                                                           15%

90 days or upon excavation which ever is later                  10%

Upon raft or 2 months from previous payment which ever is later            7%

Upon Basement Roof casting                                                     7%

Upon Second Floor Roof casting                                                               6%

Upon Fifth Floor Roof casting                                                     6%

Upon eighth Floor Roof casting                                                 6%

Upon 12th Floor Roof casting                                                     6%

On compeltion of brickwork                                                       6%

on completion of plaster                                                             6%

At the time of offer of Possession                                           5%plus IFMS

For Bank Loan on this project please talk to the builder while applying. I understand HDFC, IDBI and Deutche post has approved this project.


While we negotiated NO PLC for all floors from the builder which is definitely going to save lot of money  which you will appreciate, but in the larger interest of those who are specific to their choice of floor and not want to leave it open so that those with advantage of time, distance and proximity get benefited against the unprivileged we would like to impose some premium for lower floors as follows.

For those desiring

Upper Ground floor :-  Rs.1,15,000 

For 1st floor:- Rs.100,000.00

For 2nd Floor - Rs. 75,000.00

For 3rd floor - Rs, 60,000-00

For 4th Floor - Rs. 50,0000-00

For 5th Floor - Rs. 40,000-00

For 6th Floor - Rs. 30,000.00

For 7th Floor - Rs.15,000-00

 to be paid as a donation in the name of Avvai Tamil Sangam & Charitable Society. The premium for the lower floors are charged in order to facilitate those who are specific to get a particular floor and also to differentiate between the buyers of different floors.

I am sure some of you might not feel comfortable to this, We promise that the money will come back to the community as cultural event (non religious program) in a very short time. We are honest about it and transparent about it.  Just let you know I am adding the list of events performed by Avvai Tamil Sangam so far for your ref. The media reports and photographs of the event can be seen from our website http://www.avvaiamilsangam.org


Event Name

Month & Year

Cultural Cause

Social Cause

Tamilnadu Cultural Festival

Jan24-26, 2009,  Noida

Promote Tamilnadu Folk Dances

Preserve India's Traditional culture

Summer Festival

July 2009, Mayur Vihar III

Tamil Poetry

Unique Wellness Camp

Vodafone presents :Give it your Best" awareness event on Organ Donation through Danes of India Festival

Jan 23-26, 2010, Noida

Dances of India and Folk dances of Kerala & Rajasthan

Organ Donation awareness

Summer Festival

August, 2010, Indirapuram

Debates and Music programs

Cancer awareness, Testing and Prevention

Margam- The Path, Bharathnatyam Performance by Ms.Swarnamalya

Nov, 2010

Interactive session on the importance of Classical dance and its future


Be the Best – Plat a tree and Plan the future, An awareness program on Creating greens through Dances of India festival

Jan 28-30, 2011

Classical & Folk Dances of India by professionals and various dance school students from NCR

Create Greens. Plant a Tree and Plan the future.


Next step:-

1.       Pay Rs.50,000 ( Rupees Fifty thousand only) as a token money in the name of "CIVITECH DEVELOPERS (P) LTD" if are you make the payment on or before 20th December and a Cheque for Rs.1000 in the name of Avvai Tamil Sangam & Charitable Society to register as member of ATS to avail this offer.  

2.       The token money will be Rs 1,00,000 ( Rupees One Lakh) afterwards. The rate negotiated is applicable till 20th of January 2011. The rate is subjected to change thereafter on market conditions.

3.        Handover the cheque to the builder ASAP so that your flat is booked.

4.        A Cheque for Rs.1000 in the name of Avvai Tamil Sangam & Charitable Society to register as member of ATS to avail this offer.

5.        Get the floor allotted from ATS as the builder will not give the floor allotment without consent from Avvai Tamil Sangam.

6.       Kindly give the  cheque number, date, bank and amount to our mail ID avvaitamilsangam@gmail.com to enable us to write to the builder to allot the floor preference for you  and you need to SPECIFY the floor without fail in the email.

7.       The cheque for lower premium floor also need to be paid along with the token money.

8.       Locations for payment

 1. Civitech Builders Ltd, Ramprastha, Vaishali

2. Krishnamachari, 9818092191

3. Mr. Vishwanathan, 9810603525

4. Mr. Swaminathan, 9953332415

5.Mr.Santhosh, Indirapuram – 98103489417

6.Mr.Venkatesh, Vasundra Enclave, Noida  Sec 61-62, 0120-4221335, 2404417,

6. In case you want the cheque to be collected from your home/office, let us know the address and time suitable for pickup. Civitech will arrange for pickup

7. Mention the category of House you are looking for


After lot of deliberation and discussion we have arrived out this point and do not wish to further discuss on this subject. Please do not take this a rude comment because the discussion will never end and we will be delaying this project further so that  the genuine buyer's dream will come true.


If you feel you are with me, please reply to this email with your willingness to go ahead and the status of Initial payment ASAP. We have given lot of hope to builder based on the responses we received. We would like surpass his expectation on  the number of flats booked by sending this out to friends and relatives, sharing the discussions with them and encourage them to use this opportunity.

Last but not the least I would like to emphasize that Avvai Tamil Sangam has taken this initiative as a service to the community to promote community living and to negotiate a best possible price in the market by spending lot of time and efforts for the last one and half months. However, Avvai Tamil Sangam is  not bound to any legal, financial, commercial binding/disputes with the buyer and builder.  All the necessary agreements and documents will be signed by buyer and builder directly.


Krishnamachari V


Avvai Tamil Sangam & Charitable Society, Noida





The results you achieve will be in direct proportion to the effort you apply and we have put in our best efforts here



Plant a Tree and Plan the future an awareness program on Creating Greens through Dances of India Festival by Avvai Tamil Sangam at GIP mall Noida from Jan 28-30, 2011. Enjoy the Dances of India by Professional artists and various dance school children and take a oath to plant a tree for a better India.

FOR MORE INFO WRITE TO avvaitamilsangam@gmail.com

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