Friday, December 3, 2010

FOR THIS INTERESTED IN AVVAI TAMIL SANGAM HOUSING SCHEME: Meeting on 5th December to dicusss the nxt step.

We got a good response from the all our members on the opportunity ATS has taken up to develop a community living concept.  On behalf of Avai Tamil Sangam I would like to thank for the same, As a next step we would like to call the Interested members for a meeting to appraise them of the development and take their feedback before signing an agreement with the builder.


The  main points  of this project are := 
1. We can have a community living ( Home away from Home)
2. We can ensure that our culture and heritage passes back to the next generation easily
3. We can create a safe zone for kids like Creche
4. We can have language, dance and singing classes within the community. ( Today with distributed living we compromise on this)
5. Care for elders will be easy with community living.


Just to give a brief on what we did till date:-


We have analysed various area based on various parameters and zeroed the location to Noida and around 74-78 sectors. The analysis is enclosed for your ref.
We have zeroed on three builders who can suit our requirement. We would like to call for a meeting present the opportunities with a SWOT analysis ( Strength,Weakness, Opportunity & Threat) and take the majority view to finalise on one builder.
While the views of potential buyers  are going to be taken seriously to finalise the builder, at the sane we also need to show our commitment to buy the houses in the project to the builder which may further open the opportunity for negotiation. I would like to propose to the serious buyer's to present an advance cheque of Rs.1000/- as a token of interest. This will also let us know the number of serious buyers so that we can add more enthusiasm to get some more benefits from the builder before finalising.
The Location And time will be as follows:

1. Sunday, the 5th December 2010 at 10 AM in the Meeting Room of B-I Block, Sector 34, Noida
2.Sunday, the 5th December 2010 at 4 PM in the Sankatahara Ganapathy Temple, Vasundra Enclave, New Delhi
I would the request the recipient of this message to acknowledge back to about their interest to attend the meeting. As we may call the builder to present the product, more the members greater advantage we can get.
Krishnamachari V
Avvai Tamil Sangam,

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