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Daily news letter 05-09-2009, Kuralum Porulum from Avvai Tamil Sangam

Velukkudi Krishnan swamy (Kinchitkaram Trust, Chennai) is organising a "Gita Krishna Anubhava Yatra" during October 8-10 at Kurushetra and are looking for Volunteers who know Hindi, English and Tamil for providing local support and coordinate the activities like traffic regulation by police, approvals, receiving the team, queue formation as needed, local support in shamiana, pandal, parking place, cooking place supervision, lighting & mike arrangements, medical help, etc during the program.

If there are persons who are interested to work as volunteers, please send your contact details to Mr.Varadhan at  011-29231648, 011-41431389, (M) 9910999158

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Today's Special: Teacher's Day is celebrated in India - It is the birthday of the second President of India, academic philosopher Dr. Radhakrishnan.

Today in History

1997 : British Princess Diana, killed in a car crash in Paris.

2000 : Mr.Hrishikesh Mukherjee selected for Dada Saheb Phalke Award for 1999 for his contribution to the growth and development of Indian Cinema. 

இன்றைய  குறள்

2.    பொருட்பால்(Wealth)

2.1    அரசியல் (Royalty)

2.1.2 கல்வி (Education)

397. யாதானும் நாடாமல் ஊராமால் என்னொருவன் 
        சாந்துணையுங் கல்லாத வாறு.
397.  All lands and towns are learner's own  
          Why not till death learning go on!


கற்றோர்க்கு எல்லா நாடுகளிலும் எல்லா ஊர்களிலும் சிறப்பு என்கிறபோது, ஒருவன் சாகும் வரையில் கற்காமல் காலம் கழிப்பது ஏனோ? 

How is it that any one can remain without learning, even to his death, when (to the learned man) every country is his own (country), and every town his own (town) ?

தினம் ஒரு பழமொழி

உட்சுவர்  இருக்க, புறச்சுவர் பூசலாமா ?

Can you paint the outer wall neglecting the inner wall.


One has to keep one's inner self pure. A mock at people who keep themselves clean and neat in their outward behaviour but are not pure in their heart. Outward morality and inward depravity. Also can be said of situation where you need to take care of yourself first before helping others.

தினம் ஒரு சொல்:

ஊறுபாடு: பெ. 1.இடையூறு - obstacle, hindrance. 2. துன்பம் - trouble, distress.


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